Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Vornheim

Weird, my last contact with old school D&D dungeon crawling or even wilderness hexcrawling was in the glorious 2nd edition days of beloved T$R.

And yet, I've been following with great interest the whole OSR movement. Of course, me being a pagan and shameless heretic, and never really getting into D&D in the first place, I decided to ignore most of the stuff they put out and use the awesome Legends of Anglerre tome and a few great, idea-sparking OSR products, to plot a traditional hexcrawling, sandbox campaign.

One such brilliant product is Vornheim the complete city kit. You will find a ton of blogs reviewing it all over the net, so i won't go into it here.

The idea is to use this blog to sporadically post stuff about the campaign, hopefully helping me to visualize and keep my notes and musings in an easy to reference place.

Enough blather, here is a location of interest and my first NPC. A cool hexmap to follow!

The Maw

A chasm of howling winds stretches wide in the southeastern quarter of Vornheim,
blocking the travellers way.

Many Bridges, built by tyrants past are now skeletal ruins swaying gently in the icy breeze. Black chains cris-cross the gap over the bottomless darkness below.

Madmen called chaingliders will ferry you across on contraptions not unlike gondolas mated to bird shaped gliders. Ingenious wheeled hooks latch on to the chains, employed to keep the gliders aloft when the winds fail. Just where the winds come from and why many a chainglider carries flaming spears is a mystery best left undiscovered.

Robur the Torturer

A nice guy really. Unfortunate profession, but his lack of social graces, not to mention how weird he looks, really restricted his career choices.

Currently employed in Lord Thrain's "guest tower"


My mama told me that sticks and stones can harm ya, but words never will. 
She was kinda right. Mostly use hot pokers meself.

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